Portugal Visa Investors See Gains

April 15th, 2016  

Investors who were encouraged to apply early on the Portuguese golden visa programme are likely to have seen solid real estate gains. The latest property prices issued by the government statistical agency show average prices for residential real estate rising 5.1% per annum. Prices are up by 10.2% in the last three years, just after the golden visa programme was first introduced.

The Portuguese golden visa is a residency visa programme, however it offers an affordable option for investors seeking eventual citizenship. By investing just €500,000 in property, buyers can apply for the golden visa, a process that is straightforward and one in which La Vida has a 100% success rate. After six years investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship without the necessity to have lived in the country during that time.

Along with capital gains, properties in Lisbon are typically yielding between 3% and 5%. Investors are free to use their properties as they wish and with only two weeks presence every two years required in order to renew the visa, many investors choose to rent their properties full time.