USA Citizenship by Investment

EB5 USA program leads to permanent residency then possible citizenship


There is no direct citizenship by investment program in the USA. However by applying through the US EB5 program applicants can gain a green card and permanent residency. It is then possible to apply for US citizenship after 5 years of residency.


The EB5 program requires investment of $500,000 in an approved investment. The applicant, spouse and children aged under 21 can be included in the program.

Applicants can invest by creating a new US enterprise that generates at least 10 jobs. However a more popular second option is passive investment through a “regional centre”.  Through this method applicants do not need to be actively involved in the investment. Any regional centre throughout the USA is suitable for the investment and it is not necessary for the applicant and their family to then live in that region.

Citizenship can be applied for at a later date. However there are strict requirements. Applicants will need to have lived in the US continuously under their green card for 5 years prior to the citizenship application. They will need to be of good moral character and be able to read, write and speak English.

With a choice of regional centres in which to invest it is important to choose wisely. La Vida can advise with regard to this investment. Although there is no requirement to visit the US prior to the EB5 application we highly recommend viewing any potential investment before committing.



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Portugal   Spain   Greece   Cyprus   Malta   Hungary   Bulgaria   St. Kitts   Antigua   Dominica   Grenada   St. Lucia

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